stainless steel wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh

Materials: sus302, 304, 316, 304L, 316L stainless steel wire.

Weaving and characteristic: Plain weaving or twill weaving. It has the performances of acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, heat-resisting and wear-resisting etc.

Uses: Used in mine, oil, chemical industrial, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and machine producing.


Type 304 often refers to as "18-8" (18% chromium, 8% nickel ). T-304 is the basic stainless alloy mostly commonly utilized for wire cloth weaving. It withstands outdoor exposure without rusting and resists oxidation at an elevated temperature up to 1400 Degrees Fahrenheit. Type 304 L is very similar to T-304, the difference being the reduced carbon content for better weaving and secondary welding characteristics.
Type 316: Stabilized by the addition of 2% molybdenum, T-316 is an "18-8" alloy. Type 316 has better resistance to pitting corrosion than the other chromium-nickel stainless steels where brines, sulfur-bearing water or halogen salts, such as chlorides are present. Type 316L: Type 316L is very similar to T-316, the difference being the reduced carbon content for better wire cloth weaving and secondary welding characteristics.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: UT-SS-1
Brand Name: wire cloth, wire filter, wire screen

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